Leadership in 2017: Three Marketing and Communication Trends to Consider

Marketing Trends that will Keep Your Brand Modern

As you finalize marketing and communication plans for 2017, strengthen the impact of your message by incorporating marketing trends that keep you relevant to today’s buyers.  As you work through those marketing plans, here are some key trends to consider:

Marketing Trend 1: Cross-Device Content Development & Marketing.  Gone are the days where we just worried about getting a digital advertisement piece online or on a smartphone.  According to DMA’s reports, the average consumer is now connected to at least five addressable devices.  That means that your target audience is experiencing and evaluating your company and product across multiple devices –including wearables!  This applies to B2B and B2C.

  • For 2017: In response to this marketing trend, ensure your content development is in alignment to the distribution channels, the format, and the occasion in which it will be viewed. This will be critical to make sure you deliver brand consistency and thought leadership across platforms when it counts.  Whether sending targeted text messages at tradeshows, on videos, or in banner ads, make sure the content you develop is programmed to work in this increasingly complex digital world.

Marketing Trend 2: Invest in Video.  Consumers are four times more likely to digest information via video versus text.  As a result, 69% of marketers are experiencing increases in video budgets. Successful videos incorporate tighter messaging and design that forces clarity and conciseness.  Furthermore, video has the advantage of communicating through body language –which can help clarify the message.

  • For 2017: In response to this marketing trend, take your integrated marketing program to the next level by developing a structured communication strategy that incorporates video for both clarity and showcase purposes. Add video to demos, to your website, to your social sites, etc.  You want to make it as easy as possible for your target audience to learn about your services.  In today’s fast-paced world, the right video can do it in less time than it takes to read a brochure or website.

Marketing Trend 3: Data Acumen.  The importance of big data and analytics is nothing new, but given the rise in mapping of coordinated and branded customer experiences, understanding what human-based marketing decisions to make based on data is become more and more important.  Many marketers today have business acumen but, given the importance of digital communications, data acumen is becoming a must in developing target marketing campaigns. This marketing trend that combines technology and data knowledge with marketing efforts has even been given a name — Martech!

  • For 2017: Given this marketing trend, don’t just measure results, take a look at data and try to find opportunities within the information. Start small and work your way up. For example, can the data help you develop a good cross-selling marketing program?  Do you see a rise in activity (sales, leads, etc.) from a specific region of the world?  Do you see a trend forming within your own customer base? Do you need help to get all this organized?

Having a strategic marketing and communications plan that aligns your business goals with current marketing trends helps you attract new buyers, stand out as a forward thinking organization, and continuously secure your position as a market leader. Most importantly though, whether you are an established or growing organization, marketing trends can also be a shortcut to differentiating yourself in the marketplace and paving the way for well deserved opportunities.

I hope these marketing trends help inspire new approaches for 2017.  Of course, we are always available should you have any questions.