Dornier Medtech

Global Brand Development & Product Launch


Dornier MedTech is a global medical device company known for their pioneering technologies and revolutionary therapies in urology. Dornier is based in Wessling, Germany –just outside of Munich.

To celebrate their 40 years of innovation in the industry, their marketing team sought to update their global brand in order to conduct product launches and campaigns that reflected the company’s relevance in today’s marketplace.

Furthermore, they wanted to leverage this global brand refresh as an opportunity to introduce their new ARIES device to the world.  ARIES is a revolutionary product available in the LATAM , EMEA and APAC market.


Given the company’s international presence., we outlined a marketing program that:


The global branding, product launch, and on-going communication efforts helped Dornier:

Global branding and product launch efforts were so successful, we continued to help Dornier reintroduce other medical devices to the urology marketplace.

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