Tensar Corporation

Buyer Research & Digital Marketing


The Tensar Corporation sought to find new ways of targeting hard-to-reach public work representatives, municipalities, and road construction engineers to jumpstart the sale of their new Endurablend road preservation product.

In addition, they sought to implement new digital lead generation techniques that would help them leverage their existing team’s knowledge of road construction in order to credential and attract qualified opportunities through a new outreach effort.


Working closely with their product management and marketing teams, we:


While their normal sales cycle runs from 6 – 12 months, due to the insights from the buyer research, in less than 3 months we were able to secure 3 multimillion dollar road preservation projects with target municipalities.  Furthermore, our marketing efforts also developed:

The buyer research and digital lead generation program was so successful, we began providing similar support to other road construction products throughout the organization.

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