3 Remarkable Ways Digital Has Disrupted the Retail Industry

3 Remarkable Ways Digital Has Disrupted the Retail Industry

How consumers shop has changed drastically over the last 30 years with online shopping becoming increasingly popular amongst shoppers everywhere. Even with the constant changes in retail and the increased popularity of online shopping, consumers still enjoy the urge to go out and encounter an in-store experience.

With the world at consumers’ fingertips, the brand-consumer interaction is no longer solely through mass media. Targeted marketing strategies and digital marketing campaigns can reach people where they spend the most time—online. Retailers need to embrace change and prepare for the upcoming trends that will transform their industry.

Looking into the new year, here are the top three 2020 digital marketing trends that retail stores must embrace.

E-commerce: Online VS. On-Site Shopping

In today’s society, consumers do not view online and on-site shopping as two separate encounters, but rather consider them together as an expansion of a customers’ overall shopping experience. Consumers often switch back and forth between online and on-site shopping when trying to find the best deal on an item, often finding something in-store first and then realizing that there may be a discount or an advantage on buying it online rather than in the store. These interactions between the in-store encounters and the online platforms give consumers the option to use their resources and engage in the full shopping experience. Conducting an online website as well as owning a physical store allows companies to use e-commerce to reach a plethora of consumers through many different platforms.

Social Media Influences

Social Media has become an essential tool for businesses everywhere, especially when it comes to building a new brand or reaching a new, potential customer. Many companies have adapted to the constantly changing trends and have embraced the opportunity of using social commerce as a way to grow their company and their customers base. Forbes recently named Instagram “the world’s most powerful selling tool” due to its continued success and increasing popularity within the online retail community. Social commerce improves social marketing and eases the sales process by providing ways for businesses to interact with customers on an online basis. Allowing customers the opportunity to view products on models over social media and then being able to purchase those items on the spot has drastically changed the retailing market for the better.

Adaptation of Smart Technology and Digital Signage

Adding technology to a shopping experience has provided retail stores with the ability to create an enhanced reality by mixing digital media with consumer engagement. Many retailers are beginning to use technology in their store displays to create a more interactive and enjoyable encounter for their consumers to preserve the in-store experience. This technological change has provided customers with an increased amount of usability when trying to decide whether or not to purchase an item.

ModiFace is an excellent example of this interactive, in-store technological upgrade. ModiFace is a company that created an augmented reality mirror that allows consumers to try on different makeup looks without having to apply the actual makeup. Similar products are seen being used in fashion retail stores, enabling consumers with the ability to try on certain outfits in front of the mirror without having to enter the fitting room or change clothes. This upgrade in smart technology and digital signage has assisted with the modernization of retail stores and is part of the reason why in-store locations still exist in today’s society.

Throughout the years, retail stores have drastically revolutionized and have adapted to the changes in shopping habits that many consumers have adopted from society. With the holiday season approaching, many consumers have decided to complete their shopping online and over social media, rather than hectically purchasing their items in-store. With the retail market continually changing and having to adapt to growth in technology, many companies are learning to embrace the changes and grow with the demand to evolve and succeed in the ever-changing retail industry.

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