As An Alpharetta Marketing Agency We Love Offering the Best Internships

As An Alpharetta Marketing Agency We Love Offering the Best Internships

Benefits from Obtaining a Marketing Internship in Atlanta

It’s the chicken and the egg. Companies want experienced candidates, yet gaining that industry experience can be challenging. That’s why companies and marketing agencies, that are giving back to the community by taking on interns, are so valuable.  They help build an experienced workforce that assist the industry in growth.

As a local Alpharetta marketing firm, we are proud to offer internships to aspiring students and recent graduates willing to put in the hard work associated with being a success in a demanding tier 1 market like Atlanta. We know that, when it comes to marketing, agency experience is everything.  Over the years we’ve had many interns — here are a few of the benefits they have shared with us.

A Great Marketing Internship Helps Young Professionals Gain Valuable Work Experience in the Industry

One of the things we do with all interns is engage in a contract.  We commit to helping them gain valuable work experience and connections if they help take on a role that helps our organization grow.  Hands-on experience has been the #1 request of all our interns, and we are committed to helping them get that.  They continuously remind us that, while the classroom teaches the fundamentals and the important information of the marketing industry, it’s a completely different experience to implement that knowledge with real customers and clientele.

Here is a quote from one of our recent interns.

“Having the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and generate more professional samples of work has allowed me to expand my portfolio and provide companies with examples of ways that I have been able to thrive in the marketing field. Without this internship opportunity at EWISE Communications, I wouldn’t have gained the work experience needed in order to grow and expand my horizons in the industry.”

The Best Marketing Agencies Help Interns Develop Marketing Client Management Skills

College introduces you to the basic skills and assets required to grow in the marketing field. In order to flourish in the industry however, you have to be able to take a company’s goals and objectives, break them down into a sequence of marketing initiatives, and lead them through the program in order to make it a success.

Participating in brainstorming sessions and conference calls is the only way to truly understand that marketing really requires creativity, expertise, leadership and action. One of the best quotes from another intern:

“Wow, I thought everyone understood the ins and outs of marketing but now I know that most people understand the idea but not the details associated with making marketing efforts successful and/or have traction.”

This opportunity allows the interns to develop their information learned throughout the classroom and pushes them to acquire additional skills. Being involved in this internship has taught them how to adapt the classroom knowledge into the real-world situations that they have encountered and has reinforced the major concepts that they’ve studied over the recent years. Being able to cultivate new skills and expand their marketing knowledge throughout this internship has now provided them with a broader set of skills and accomplishments that they are now able to include on future applications.

Atlanta Marketing Agencies Need to Provide Interns with the skills and opportunities to Network

Networking the best way to create relationships with company executives and customers. Most students have great experience networking with other students – but are tongue tied when it comes to the quick business interactions that makes networking successful.

An internship that helps marketing young professionals step outside of their “networking” comfort zone is a must. Being able to network successfully enables you to have mini-job interviews with a variety of people and get visibility.  Furthermore, networking also allows you to learn about the dynamics of other industries –knowledge that may help you in future interactions.

The best marketing internships in Atlanta or Alpharetta should allow you to gain great marketing experience as well as an opportunity to network.  If you are interested in a marketing internship with EWISE Communications, don’t hesitate to contact us.