Atlanta Marketing Firm Leader Recognized During Hispanic Heritage Month

Atlanta Marketing Firm Leader Recognized During Hispanic Heritage Month

Atlanta Marketing Firm Growth Due to Diversity

This has been quite a year for Joanne Sanders, President of EWISE Communications.

Due to her extensive work on international branding initiatives, in April 2017, Joanne Sanders won the Georgia Latina Excellence Award.  Two months later, she was recognized by the World Trade Center Atlanta for her marketing efforts during the World Trade Day conference.  This was followed by her appointment as International Manufacturing Liaison for the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance, and then a speaking role at the Georgia Manufacturing Summit—considered THE event for the manufacturing industry in the Southeast.

City of Atlanta Surprises Alpharetta-based Marketing Firm

Of these recognitions, one of the nicest surprises was receiving a call from the City of Atlanta—given her influential status in the local community—asking her to be part of their Hispanic Heritage Digital Campaign!   You can visit the campaign on Facebook.   During the interview, here are the quotes that were published:

International marketing and communications is something that comes naturally to me precisely because of my heritage. I was born in New York and raised by a family from Spain and the Dominican Republic. When you grow up experiencing different cultures, speaking multiple languages, and working with a variety of customs and perspectives, developing programs that have the right nuances to foster understanding and business relationships becomes second nature. As global commerce and foreign investment becomes more and more important, I can undoubtedly say that my experience straddling the fence between American, European and Latin American cultures have been critical to my success today.

My grandfather, who fought in the Spanish civil war and was adamant about pushing his 6 daughters to become independent professionals (at a time when most women were expected to be stay-home-moms), is one of my greatest inspiration. He always understood the importance of being in control of your future despite the challenges in front of you (real or perceived). He understood the importance of differentiating yourself by working hard and well with others in order to create an ecosystem that lifts you up. He understood the everyday courage necessary to create a life that matters –personally and professionally. Although my family is full of shinning stars, my grandfather is by far my greatest inspiration and I carry him with me everywhere I go.

Thank you to all the organizations that have recognized our fearless leader.  We hope that people are starting to recognize that an inconspicuous Atlanta marketing team in Alpharetta, is working hard and committed to taking clients to the next level and jointly taking on the world.  😊

For more information, contact us.  Our Alpharetta marketing team is here to serve the world.