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Marketing that Opens Doors is Different than Marketing that Keeps them Open. Expanding your business into the United States has the potential to increase your overall sales and profitability. It does, however, challenge you to think differently about global marketing and how you run your business and position your products or services.

Industrial Sage is a free video podcast about digital marketing for industrial companies. Weekly interviews examine how fellow industry professionals are solving challenges in common in manufacturing or logistics businesses and provide strategies, tactics, and tips to help move the needle.

Atlanta Marketing Firm Helping International Manufacturing Efforts Manufacturers’ International Marketing Efforts Working Together to Leverage Demand for the U.S. Market The Georgia Manufacturing Summit will be on October 25, 2017.  The Georgia Manufacturing Summit creates local connections and builds a strong sense of community in the manufacturing industry. Leveraging international marketing, manufacturers are able to […]

The Power of Global Marketing in the 21st Century In the past, marketing managers only needed to concern themselves with understanding the intricacies of marketing to a domestic audience. They had to determine if consumers in Atlanta, GA bought and consumed products differently than consumers in Seattle, WA. Now that the marketplace has expanded in […]