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Without warning, the world has collectively gasped and been forced to slow down and take a moment to reflect about what really matters – people.  Writing this almost seems like a cliché because the reasons have always been there, but it took a pandemic, an economic fallout, abuses of powers at multiple levels, and our…

Marketing Planning Interview: We Rebranded to Reflect Our Strength Over the past year, Atlanta marketing firm, EWISE Communications, has won awards, moved into new office space, expanded into growing industries, strengthened their international presence, earned leadership roles, and experienced double digit growth.  As a result, the company has rebranded to reflect their new-found strength.  Here […]

Quality Marketing Requires Leadership (and a lot of Management Quotes) Best Marketing Firm and Experience is Often Due to Leadership Whether you are working on a complex go-to-market strategy or simply putting together a client brochure, quality marketing requires leadership. More specifically, good marketers need to be able to: Capture the right information from their […]