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Without warning, the world has collectively gasped and been forced to slow down and take a moment to reflect about what really matters – people.  Writing this almost seems like a cliché because the reasons have always been there, but it took a pandemic, an economic fallout, abuses of powers at multiple levels, and our…

Industrial Sage is a free video podcast about digital marketing for industrial companies. Weekly interviews examine how fellow industry professionals are solving challenges in common in manufacturing or logistics businesses and provide strategies, tactics, and tips to help move the needle.

Medical Device and Pharma Marketing Success Requires Product and Market Development Best Practices to Prepare for a New Product Launch   The excitement of a new medical idea that will revolutionize a new way of handling an important procedure can often lead companies to focus primarily on product development—versus balancing it with market development. This […]

Marketing Planning Interview: We Rebranded to Reflect Our Strength Over the past year, Atlanta marketing firm, EWISE Communications, has won awards, moved into new office space, expanded into growing industries, strengthened their international presence, earned leadership roles, and experienced double digit growth.  As a result, the company has rebranded to reflect their new-found strength.  Here […]

6 Steps for Building a Winning Account-based Marketing Strategy Account-based Marketing is all the Buzz in Atlanta Account-based marketing (ABM) is a targeted approach to customer acquisition that requires a strategic partnership between marketing and sales. ABM means selecting target accounts and delivering focused and personalized programs, messaging, and content to move customers and prospects […]