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With the world at consumers’ fingertips, targeted marketing strategies and digital marketing campaigns can reach people where they spend the most time—online. Retailers need to embrace change and prepare for the upcoming trends that will transform their industry in 2019.

Today, pharmaceutical companies face considerable challenges including regulatory constraints, lengthy product development timelines, competitive pressures from generics, and political forces, to name just a few. As a result, marketing, to enhance pharmaceutical brands as well as to support sales, is a critical driver of success.

Medical Device and Pharma Marketing Success Requires Product and Market Development Best Practices to Prepare for a New Product Launch   The excitement of a new medical idea that will revolutionize a new way of handling an important procedure can often lead companies to focus primarily on product development—versus balancing it with market development. This […]

Zeroing in On Your Target Market Many businesses today struggle with defining their target market. Fearing that they will lose potential customers, they don’t exclude anyone. While in a sense, this may true, these are not their core customers; they are random individuals who weren’t really expected to purchase from them but, nevertheless, have a […]