Why Digital Marketing 4.0 is Important for Your Brand

Why Digital Marketing 4.0 is Important for Your Brand

Even if you’re just getting started with marketing, you may have heard of Professor Philip Kotler, affectionately known as the Father of Modern Marketing. Back in 2000, the Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, wrote the marketing bible, “A Framework for Marketing Management,” and now has published another piece on digital marketing, “Marketing 4.0.” So, what’s this new digital marketing approach all about?

Kotler asserts, “Marketing 4.0 is a marketing approach that combines online and offline interaction between companies and customers. In the digital economy, digital interaction alone is not sufficient. In fact, in an increasingly online world, offline touch represents a strong differentiation…While it is imperative for brands to be more flexible and adaptive due to rapid technological trends, their authentic characters are more important than ever.” 

According to Kotler’s marketing 4.0 principles, today effective marketing requires more than just online engagement between sellers and buyers; offline engagement also plays a part. Our blog post, “3 Remarkable Ways Digital Has Disrupted the Retail Industry,” discusses the benefits of linking your online website to a physical store, enabling you to use e-commerce to reach a plethora of consumers through various  platforms.

For more details, four main points of Kotler’s approach are further expanded in the post, “What is Digital Marketing 4.0?”

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