Artwork of EWISE Communications Creative Writer on Display at the High Museum

Artwork of EWISE Communications Creative Writer on Display at the High Museum

The New Year is kicking off with much success as EWISE Communications’ Jazmin Decker, a member of our Alpharetta marketing team, stands out in the art and design world. Throughout January and early February 2019, her artwork can be seen on display at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia alongside other Brenau University students’ artwork.

Since 2014, Brenau University students have been submitting works to be judged and selected for the student exhibition on display at the High Museum. Ms. Decker has four pieces located in the High Museum of Art this year, making this the third and final year her work will be displayed.

“As a senior at Brenau, I find a lot of pride and joy in seeing my artwork on display at one of the most prestigious art museums in the South. Sometimes you doubt yourself as an artist and a designer, so incredible opportunities like this always tend to reassure you that you’re doing well in the career path that you chose to embark on.”

Alongside unique photography pieces and her store planning concept boards highlighted in the exhibit, Ms. Decker is most excited about the digital work that was selected for display. She began by scanning old photos from the Brenau archives collection and altered them, transforming three Brenau students from the 1800’s into beautiful monsters titled “Monstrous Beauties”. As a spectator walks past the artwork, the Brenau women transform before their eyes, switching from normal women to unique monsters consisting of a broken porcelain doll, a serpent like creature, and a skeleton.

Throughout her four years at the university, she has had multiple opportunities to display her artwork and creativity, allowing her to grow not only in her chosen career path, but in life as well. “Creating something this exclusive and different was definitely a challenge but paid off one-hundred percent in the long run,” commented Ms. Decker.

At EWISE Communications, we strive to utilize all the strengths and special talents of our team members to create one unified team. Our Alpharetta marketing team takes pride in having Jazmin Decker on our team and look forward to what 2019 will bring. For anyone interested in viewing the exhibit, the artwork will be on display through Sunday, February 10th, in the Greene Family Education Center on the lower level of the High Museum’s Stent Wing.

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