Global Marketing Challenges Addressed at Georgia Manufacturing Alliance Town Hall

Global Marketing Challenges Addressed at Georgia Manufacturing Alliance Town Hall

On August 15th, The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance hosted a town hall at agricultural equipment manufacturer, AGCO Corporation, headquarters in Duluth, GA. The meeting addressed two of the most cutting-edge global topics:

  • Mitigating data security/privacy risk
  • The impact of the steel and aluminum tariffs

Joanne Sanders, president of our Alpharetta marketing firm, moderated eight panelists that shared their insights with a large audience guiding executives and manufacturers in making critical decisions to mitigate risk while continuing to boost their global commerce.

The educational platform enabled representatives from some of Georgia’s largest and globally engaged companies to learn from executives across the globe who are navigating privacy policies, trade tariffs, and supplier diversification to stay competitive in today’s global marketplace.

Top manufacturers and leading global executives from across the state attended the town hall-style event, engagingin in open discussions on vital issues including Cyber Security & Data Privacy, Market Diversification & Export, Purchasing and Resource Planning, Logistics, and Trade Tariffs.

“Whether you are sourcing, producing, or selling in overseas markets, international changes impact the marketing and operational activities of thousands of manufacturing companies who depend on global commerce. Open dialogue like this Global Town Hall is critical to fostering business continuity and helping manufacturing companies thrive.”—Joanne Sanders, president EWISE Communications and International Liaison for the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance.

The Challenges of Going Global

Launching your business overseas is both an exciting and unnerving endeavor that presents new challenges. While you acquire new customers,employees, andpartners,you need to design a global marketing strategy, adjustingfor different cultures and practices (e.g., language barriers, business models, and local competition).For example, do you have key competitors offering the same products or services?  Are there barriers to entry (e.g., tariffs) or challenges with delivering your product, that would make your business less competitive in the new market?

The rising global importance of data protection regulations hit American shores this year with GDPR. The GDPR applies to any entity doing business in the EU, with similar provisions in place in Switzerland and the European Economic Area (EEA) countries of Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. The UKhas also expressed intentions to adhere to a similar arrangement following its departure from the EU.

Whether your company has been operating within the EU for some time or is new to the market, data privacyand local tariffs will likely require revisions to internal processes and procedures, technological improvements, and review of vendor relationships.

We can help you create and initiate your expansion strategy as well as guide you through executing your plan. Our experienced team brings extensive knowledge to ensure you get the best return on your expansion investment. Contact our Alpharetta marketing team (a suburb of Atlanta) to discuss expanding your business into global markets.