The Hurdles of Expanding a Business into International Markets

The Hurdles of Expanding a Business into International Markets

Industrial Sage is a free video podcast about digital marketing for industrial companies. Weekly interviews examine how fellow industry professionals are solving challenges in common in manufacturing or logistics businesses and provide strategies, tactics, and tips to help move the needle.

The Challenges of Global Marketing

In January, Industrial Sage highlighted EWISE Communications president, Joanne Sanders, in their weekly podcast. Joanne spoke about the Hurdles of Expanding into International Markets without proper preparation.

She stated that “once a business’ marketing begins to go global an entirely new can of worms is opened, because a lot of cultural nuances go into our content, even if we don’t realize it. Cultural differences can also mean that customers’ purchasing paths aren’t the same, so your personas won’t be identical all over the globe.”

Furthermore, digital marketing in Asia often involves social media platforms we’ve never heard of in the western world, and some everyday outreach techniques in the U.S. could get you sent to jail in Europe, due to strict email marketing laws.

Another common challenge is the obstacle of language barriers, and having a motto or corporate mantra that won’t get “shifted during the flight.” Using words and design together to create compelling visuals, can really help with messaging.

 “The best messages are universal, in order to reach anyone and everyone…yet it’s also recommended that they apply to local regions to seem more personal. Make sure you’re using the power of communicating through words and communicating through design. Visuals can help cut through a lot of issues, especially when you’re dealing with international markets.”

Joanne firmly believes in the vital role networks play in helping to avoid major blunders. One of her major accomplishments in aiding growing companies, both foreign and domestic, was to help establish the community of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA).

“Since expansion differs depending on each particular industry, this network of allied manufacturers helps foster relationships and provides support to between like businesses.”

The partnership helps inform foreign companies about U.S. incentives that might be available to them, or grants for different exports.

Joanne shared many more thought-provoking ideas and stories during her interview. Listen to the podcast in its entirety here

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