Rebranding a Family Business

Key Considerations When Rebranding Your Family Business

Your loved ones spent decades working hard to create a family business and you take great pride in their legacy. However, circumstances may now call for a rebranding. Your challenge is to find an approach that refreshes your business while still honoring the previous generation.

Over the years, our marketing team has had the privilege of working with several family businesses looking to rebrand without sacrificing their company heritage. Following are three imperatives we found common to the successful rebranding of any family business:

1. Rebranding your family business requires extreme patience.

There are many stakeholders so be focused on what’s best for the business and be patient throughout the process.

2. Clients must trust the marketing team and branding objectives.

Anyone new to the mix is evaluated as a family member. Carefully building the relationship enables family members to trust where you are going. Take your time with this process, get to know your potential marketing team before committing to a deeper business relationship.

3. Legacy is critical.

If you honor the legacy, everything else falls into place—it must be front and center.


Your company’s brand is a promise you make to your customers. If your family business is considering a rebrand, be sure to think it through and engage a marketing team with the expertise to guide you and help set you up for continued growth (find more worthwhile information in this article, Rebranding the Family Business).

Tensions can run very high when making decisions about your business, but our Alpharetta marketing team can provide you with the information, tools, and resources needed to ensure your family legacy remains intact for the next generations to come.

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