Global Marketing in America – 3 Best Practices for Success

Global Marketing in America – 3 Best Practices for Success

Marketing that Opens Doors is Different than Marketing that Keeps them Open

Expanding your business into the United States has the potential to increase your overall sales and profitability. It does, however, challenge you to think differently about global marketing and how you run your business and position your products or services.

If you have decided to expand your operations to the U.S. (or are in the process of making the decision), having the knowledge required to launch your business correctly is extremely important. Well-rounded marketing is essential for success in the U.S. Efficient marketing not only raises awareness, but consistently reinforces your brand –something that is extremely important when expanding into the U.S. market.

  • Find an experienced sales and global marketing partner

When you enter the U.S. market, you are entering unfamiliar territory. What works in your native country may not work in the U.S. market. Your decisions now will set the course for the future. You will want to seek the advice of marketing professionals who are well-versed in the unique needs and requirements of a foreign-owned entity in the U.S.

Cultural differences aside, country-specific laws and different competitors may require you to adapt your marketing communications, your product or service, and possibly your business model; this requires some homework. A partner experienced in global marketing can help you navigate legal requirements, understand tax incentives, sales approaches, and key communication resources. Furthermore, a partner with multi-lingual knowledge and expertise ensures you proactively jump-start understanding the cultural dynamics you’ll be facing.

  • Prepare for a soft launch

Before you – start setting up an office, we recommend doing a soft launch  which allows you to activate local sales, develop key relationships, and fine-tune your operations to fit the U.S. market before making large investments

A soft launch also enables you to do additional research as well as test your offering within the U.S. market.  During this discovery process, you will gain the business intelligence required to perfect your official (or hard launch) into the U.S. market. Discovery is the time to develop strategic relationships with influencers, through local chambers, foreign trade departments, and other resources your marketing partner can help you identify and maximize.

  • Marketing in America

A hard launch is a full force marketing effort that aims to penetrate your entire target audience with refined messaging and a brand campaign that reaches customers using the right medium.   Brand is very important –especially if you are a new entity.  That’s why it is important to work closely with someone that can help you:

  • Activate integrated marketing campaigns so you effectively breakthrough and start capturing the attention of your target audience.
  • Segment your market so that you focus your messaging and maximize your opportunity within ecosystems that can help you jumpstart growth.
  • Build and empower distributors and in-country sales team. They will require market and product training as well as sales tools (like robust websites, brochures, etc.) to be successful.
  • Avoid costly mistakes (like translation issues) that can quickly end things as soon as you’ve started.

We have helped many businesses successfully execute their expansions into the U.S. market. You can visit our case study on how we helped a manufacturing company (based in Singapore) properly package their brand for the U.S. and European market.  To learn more about our experience with manufacturing read this recent blog.

We can help you develop your expansion strategy as well as guide you through executing your plan. Our team brings their extensive experience and knowledge of best practices to work with you to ensure you get the best return on your expansion investment. Contact our Alpharetta marketing team (suburb of Atlanta) to discuss expanding your business into the United States.