Marketing Humanity: Meaningful Marketing During Extraordinary Change

Marketing Is Changing

Over the weekend I finally had a moment to myself and, while sitting on a hillside overlooking the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, I reflected on the whiplash and challenges of the last few months.

Without warning, the world has collectively gasped and been forced to slow down and take a moment to reflect about what really matters – people.  Writing this almost seems like a cliché because the reasons have always been there, but it took a pandemic, an economic fallout, abuses of powers at multiple levels, and our collective willingness to act (directly or indirectly) to line up the stars and activate a powerful exponential human alignment that is now evaluating the core pillars of our society.  These compounding issues have helped us, as a people, cross the chasm of division and squeeze empathy, humility, and a broader view of the everyday responsibilities of our human race towards everything from our fellow neighbors (local and global) to our planet and priorities (environmental and technological).

While many people may think this is a new and situational perspective, these compounding issues have sparked a determination that is focused on re-evaluating everything (old and new), aligning words with action and accountability, as well as rooting out unbalanced initiatives that do not include a human perspective—and this movement is a global one. While at first it seemed like the world, trying to take command of their countries, were focused on electing strong leaders (regardless of party or background), the multiple levels of impact this has had on people around the world has revealed that, while strong leaders are important, out-of-touch leaders are critical to our society today at every level – particularly at a human level.

Change is never easy and all of us are trying to process all the extraordinary mental distress, heartfelt clarity, as well as everyday realities this era has created in our daily lives.  While this is different for all of us, I am a marketing professional and, in response to the profound changes this era is creating for my industry, we have decided to put together a blog/video series that addresses how we can change our everyday marketing functions to create meaningful engagement and align to the new paradigm shift in our society.  This series is called Marketing Humanity.


Marketing Humanity

Over the last 20 years, marketing has evolved into one of the most powerful departments of any organization.  Marketing’s use of words and design to create clear messaging for the masses, their use of new technology to reach and influence others, their use of creative and high energy teams, as well as their experience working with multiple channels of communications put marketing in a position to play an important role in ensuring a company aligns to these new norms.

But many communication professionals are asking “how do you conduct marketing in this environment?”  You can’t overtly sell a product or service because you’ll be blamed for being opportunistic.  You can’t just focus your outreach on donations and good community efforts because you’ll be blamed for being too PR focused and spending money on materials versus people –who need support.  The answer?  Marketing Humanity.


What is Marketing Humanity?

Marketing humanity is more than just purpose, or corporate responsibility, or pursuing your WHY.  It is an approach to marketing that pairs your human connection with your target audience (and business goals) at a whole new level to create considerate, empathetic, and uplifting marketing that allows a company to continue to build their brand and grow without being tone-deaf. It is a long-term perspective on your relationship with customers (old and new….internal and external) that is beyond “purpose or cause.”  It is about how you engage with all people in the ecosystem of a company and, like a friend, throttle your needs with their needs accordingly.  In fact, if done right, marketing is the human touch that socially distant people need in order to believe that a company truly understands that their lives matter.

Companies need to continue to market during challenging times. The Marketing Humanity series will explore marketing specifically related to current events (like COVID19 and BlackLivesMatter), key areas of change (like diversity and telecommuting), interview other companies and how they are adjusting their marketing efforts, as well as branding and strategic marketing and communication initiatives that drive a company’s brand commitment and authenticity during this important time in history.

A company’s true moral compass will be revealed through the high visibility nature of their marketing (and their marketing actions).  Marketing Humanity is more important than ever, and we hope our series is of benefit to you and your marketing efforts.

EWISE Communications is an Atlanta marketing firm located in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Our company, a small business, has been both living the changes of today and helping companies adapt to the communication needs of today.  We hope this series helps other businesses connect to their ecosystem and grow.

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