Marketing Planning Interview: We Rebranded to Reflect Our Strength

Marketing Planning Interview: We Rebranded to Reflect Our Strength

Over the past year, Atlanta marketing firm, EWISE Communications, has won awards, moved into new office space, expanded into growing industries, strengthened their international presence, earned leadership roles, and experienced double digit growth.  As a result, the company has rebranded to reflect their new-found strength.  Here is an excerpt from a recent interview:


Joanne, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

In a nutshell, I am a former sales executive who was frustrated (like many others) with the many marketing and communication materials that were not written to help me sell (or the buyer buy). They focused on “features and benefits” and not “problem solving” so I ended up creating marketing materials of my own (based on the buying process) to move prospects down the funnel and across the finish line.  I then found myself doing even more, like developing email nurture campaigns within my prospect base (before SaleForce and CRMs came into play) to help different leads at different stages convert.

I then thought to myself, what if there was a marketing agency that wrote, designed, and prioritized all of their marketing and communication materials based on effectiveness.  One that developed strong brands that spoke to buyers, targeted messaging that addressed the needs of the buyer, strategic public relations that credentialed digitally and in-person.  That was the day that EWISE Communications was born.

As an Atlanta Marketing Firm, why rebrand your company?

Over the past few years, EWISE Communications has experienced incredible growth. We’ve taken our abilities and our client relationships to new heights, and we wanted to represent our work—and ourselves—in a way that reflects our evolution and future.

It’s funny­–we’ve done this so many times for our clients, it felt good to do it for ourselves.  It’s exciting to grow as an organization and, after our move to our new office to accommodate our expanding team, we felt the time was right to showcase how we were growing through our brand. We’re thrilled to be part of Alpharetta, GA, which is home to some of the most successful companies in the world, and we’re hopeful about the future for our organization as well.

EWISE Communications—what do you and your team do best? What sets you apart from the competition?

I think what differentiates us is that, we are not just a marketing company, we are a target marketing firm.  That means that, unlike other agencies, we always have bottom line results on the back of our mind.

We know all the marketing tactics, but we tell our clients that they don’t need to do everything, they need to do the RIGHT things to penetrate a market.  We are not an agency focused on billable hours—we are focused on achieving business results for our clients.  We are unapologetically on a journey to becoming Atlanta’s top target marketing and communications firm.

What is the difference between target marketing and just marketing.  Who do you typically work with?

Target marketing opens doors–ongoing marketing keeps them open.

Most of the companies we work with are in growth mode–looking for targeted and efficient ways to take their organization to the next level. Whether they’re building brands, expanding their markets, launching campaigns, or supporting custom communication needs, we work with the executive that is trying to fulfill a business decision.

Because of our track record breaking helping companies break through, we also get involved with a lot of global marketing efforts.  We’ve worked in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and across the U.S. and have helped companies of all sizes expand internationally.

What’s new at EWISE Communications?

Well, this year has been amazing.  We’ve:

  • Won the Georgia Latina of Excellence Award for Leadership in Business and Technology
  • Became board members of the World Trade Center Atlanta
  • Been appointed to lead the International Manufacturing Efforts for the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance.
  • Expanded into new industries (we are working with new industries like aerospace on hot projects within artificial intelligence and IoT.)
  • Moved our office to accommodate our growth (we love being an Alpharetta Marketing Firm).
  • Secured speaking engagements–including moderating a manufacturing and export panel with the State of Georgia.

As part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand, we have a crisp new logo that reflects the company we’ve grown into without losing the foundations we started on. The new EWISE logo uses a bold and elegant aesthetic that represents change, growth and forward-thinking. The all caps nature of the logo also reflects our strength.

We also have a new tagline, “Target Your World” which means that, whether you are you are trying to reach local or global audiences, we can help you develop the right plan.  It also reflects our strategic focus—channeling our energy and resources into delivering innovative client solutions, including:

  • Engaging with customers in meaningful ways
  • Transforming prospects into meaningful, enduring relationships
  • Prioritizing the right things—not everything

We are in fact putting together a series of executive briefs in the near future to support our Target Your World tag line.  Stay tuned.

We are also updating our website with modern design that reflects the EWISE Communications brand and introducing new communication tools that we are using to help our own clients stand out in the marketplace.

We’re evolving our brand iteratively.  At first, we thought, let’s wait until it’s 100% complete and, while that sounds fantastic, it’s not how most companies operate.  Most companies have to “Go and Grow” at the same time.  We’re actually sequencing our brand launch to build our story with words and action from our team.

We’ve accomplished so much in 2017–what are your marketing plans for 2018? 

We are really excited about being an Atlanta marketing company that believes in targeted approaches to increase growth.

I guess we want what all our clients want–to keep growing and keep doing what we absolutely love.  If you want to work with people that are passionate about what they do, call us!