Navigating Your E-commerce Website: Product Page Design Tips to Improve UX & Conversion

Navigating Your E-commerce Website: Product Page Design Tips to Improve UX & Conversion

Boost Website Engagement and Your Users’ Experience

As a business owner, it’s frustrating to see visitors arriving at your e-commerce website and abandoning before conversion. In theory, product pages are simple. You want marketing strategies that provide your ideal customer with the right information to help them find and purchase the product they want and convince them that buying this product will benefit them.

Your product obviously takes center stage, but what you’re selling might inform how you present it—and what questions customers have before they can commit to purchasing. Your brand image is critical throughout—from social media images to your email communications—but it’s especially important on your product pages. With how consumers discover products today, a customer may never see your homepage before buying from you, so branding all of your pages matter.

Page design and user experience should be informed by all of these things, but there are nuances involved, especially from the user’s perspective. Visitors scan product pages like menus; eager to move on to more content, they’ll quickly read over your product pages looking for key information. How items are displayed and arranged on the page, and what’s included, can have a significant impact on your conversions.

In part 1 of Navigating Ecommerce, we discussed tips to help you design a homepage that increases sales and ensure your website traffic is translating into tangible business results. With that in mind, here are 6 specific things our Alpharetta marketing team recommends you keep in mind when you’re working on leveling up your product-page game.

  • Design consistent, Well-branded Product Pages

It’s imperative for visitors to recognize your brand and your company’s image throughout your website; create consistency by using the same fonts, colors, hues and schemes, and layout designs. This ensures customers’ perception of your brand aligns with the brand identity and image you’re trying to build and reinforce.

Great products offer a clear, specific promise of value that keeps buyers coming back for future purchases. This value proposition needs to be highlighted in product pages so prospective customers fully understand the benefits of buying your item.

  • Understand Your Target Customer & Communicate Through Engaging Content

Everything revolves around your audience and telling a story that resonates with them. Do your homework to understand your customers; learn who they are, what their motivations are, and what matters to them.

When evaluating the market, focusing on a small core audience enables you to see what’s important to them and where they hang out online. Try not to think of creating a targeted customer profile as excluding potential customers, but rather keeping your messaging focused on people who will make the most impact. Have confidence that others will follow once you’ve connected with your core market.

With that understanding, you can build a fundamental hypothesis of their life and bring your content to life. Your copywriting is crucial because it’s how you combine the written information your customers’ needs with your brand’s unique voice and tone.

  • Include a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Your primary goal on a product page is to get your customer to hit “Buy” or “Add to Cart,” (or whatever you label your central call-to-action button); it is the most vital item on the page and should stand out from the surrounding content.

Keep the area around the button uncluttered so that there are no distractions or obstacles that divert users. It should be immediately visible upon landing on the page.

  • Utilize Great Product Photography & Videography

Numerous perks come with an e-commerce website. For one, you can sell to the world without the high overhead of retail space. But there are also challenges, and one of the biggies is that your customers can’t usually see, touch, taste, or try your products “in real life” before they buy. That’s why product photography plays such a significant role on your product pages; almost every expert agrees it is a critical factor in building a great page.

Web pages that have videos, significantly increase the user’s experience. Especially in-depth, informational, how to videos or client testimonials. Not only can they answer questions, but they can also add immediate credibility.

Provide Reasons to believe: Highlight Customer Reviews

Seeing other buyers enjoying your product convinces visitors that your business is trustworthy and makes them feel comfortable buying your products.

Customer reviews build trust and give potential customers the reassurance they need from others to make their purchasing decisions. In fact, According to BrightLocal, 92% of web users now read reviews, and 40% make a decision based on as few as one to three opinions. Customers spend 31% more with a business that has excellent reviews, and only 14% of consumers consider investing in a brand with a one- or two-star average.

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