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  Marketing Plans Build Companies   Marketing can be overwhelming for companies. They are constantly bombarded with options and are often unfamiliar with best practices regarding branding, website development, digital marketing and all the key activities everyone says that you need for a successful product or service.   Working with a marketing consultant that can […]

  Marketing Hyper-Personalization and Precision Medicine Elevate Their Game Due to COVID-19   Personalized Marketing Meets Precision Medicine  It almost feels like a cliché to say that everything changed when COVID-19 hit.  However, anyone working in a communications, public relations, marketing, or sales capacity cannot deny the impact the pandemic has had on the industry […]

Aerospace and Aviation Marketing Plans Need to be Targeted to Tap Growth   Aviation Marketing Has Always Been Key to Historical Success The aerospace industry finds itself recalibrating after what has been a volatile 2020. While some parts of the sector accelerated during the pandemic, the aerospace industry as a whole experienced extreme challenges that […]

Without warning, the world has collectively gasped and been forced to slow down and take a moment to reflect about what really matters – people.  Writing this almost seems like a cliché because the reasons have always been there, but it took a pandemic, an economic fallout, abuses of powers at multiple levels, and our…

Even if you’re just getting started with marketing, you may have heard of Professor Philip Kotler, affectionately known as the Father of Modern Marketing. Back in 2000, the Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, wrote the marketing bible, “A Framework for Marketing Management,” and now has published another piece on digital marketing, “Marketing 4.0.” So, what’s this new digital marketing approach all about?

Smart cities are more than a dream for the future. GDOT has a treasure trove of data collected from connected vehicles, traffic signals, and various sensors placed on roads across the state.

Our Alpharetta marketing team has helped several family businesses rebrand without sacrificing brand heritage. 3 imperatives common to the successful rebranding of any family business.