Radio X Interview: Alpharetta Marketing Firm Opens Doors with Target Marketing

Radio X Interview: Alpharetta Marketing Firm Opens Doors with Target Marketing

Thank You for Interviewing Our Alpharetta Marketing Firm!

Our President, Joanne Sanders, was recently interviewed by the North Georgia Radio X team (based in Alpharetta). Joanne had recently received a series of business awards and recognitions in 2017 and they wanted her to tell her story to the listeners in the Atlanta area.

Thank you RadioX for interviewing Joanne and bringing a spotlight on a person, and an Alpharetta marketing firm, that has helped companies successfully grow locally and internationally.  If you are interested in EWISE Communications, contact us!

Below is a synopsis of radio interview conducted by RadioX.  Link to interview included.  Enjoy!


Alpharetta Marketing firm helping companies do Target Marketing

Joanne didn’t begin her career in marketing. Rather she was a successful sales executive who became increasingly frustrated with the lack of quality marketing materials aligned to buyers’ problems, required for closing deals. Most were promotional and focused on features and benefits rather than business growth. So, she decided to do something about it—that’s when EWISE Communications became a reality.

Marketing that breaks into new markets is very different than the marketing that maintains your position in a market.  We’re here to help you grow…

Key Success Factors of Target Marketing

Last November, Joanne sat down with North Fulton Business Radio about what motivated her to launch EWISE Communications and her philosophies on growing a business with target marketing.

Joanne focuses on helping clients grow by breaking into new and different industries and markets. She and her team prioritize activities that enable executives to take the business to the next level with someone they can trust. Joanne attributes the keys to success as:

  • Surrounding yourself with people who will rally around you
  • Understanding where executives are participating (e.g. conferences, networking events)
  • Knowing where they go to get information, leadership, find answers to questions…intersecting at the right spot leads to opportunity

Clients know that if they’re trying to “stick the landing” and grow, they can count on EWISE Communications. Joanne believes that when you’re trying to grow you don’t need everything, you need the right things.

Target marketing opens doors, ongoing marketing keeps them open.

Listen to Joanne’s entire interview here.

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