How to Design a Product Label that Enhances Your Brand Identity

How to Design a Product Label that Enhances Your Brand Identity

It comes as no surprise that your product is imperative. However, the way it’s delivered to the marketplace is becoming increasingly relevant for consumers. Even a small business can benefit from a unique and memorable expression of brand identity.

One way to refresh the look of your product offering is as simple as redesigning the label on an existing product or producing a sleeve that slides over a current package to create a festive holiday look. A well-designed product label not only helps attract the attention of prospective customers, but it also makes a statement about your brand, playing a role in building your brand identity.

There are many reasons why the appearance of your product’s label is crucial to your business’ growth. The main reason is that an outstanding label helps your product and brand stand out from the competition. Another important reason is that labels have a role in influencing shoppers’ buying decisions. Even customers who are undecided about a potential purchase can be convinced to buy your product based on an appealing label.

According to a study done on shopper behavior, 1 in 10 people switched brands while shopping in the store. The findings further suggest that your brand’s success has a lot to do with your product’s presentation, making label design vital.

For this reason, we will examine seven key label design tips from a brand perspective.

Seven Best Practices of Label Design

1. Use an Efficient Size for Your Product Label

The label does not need to cover your entire product. A smaller, more discrete label design could be perfect for the look of the package while keeping labeling costs in check.

2. Be Apparent

Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, but your label needs to convey a message about your product. Find the right balance between appearance and practicality, and remember, less is more. When your label has too much going on, it will distract and confuse customers. Make it easy for them to find product information, or they will move to another brand.

3. Include Essential Product Information

Keep the product’s name front and center. Include contact information, the manufacturer’s name as well as their physical location. It is imperative to note that the FDA does not consider a PO Box adequate for businesses that deal with food or cosmetics.

4. Leverage Type, Texture, and Color

Use typeface for essential product information that customers can read from afar. The colors you choose also add to the readability; certain colors paired together can make it difficult to read. Consider psychological factors— purple symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition; blue conveys trust, authority, and wisdom. Keep the colors consistent; if you are communicating flavor, choose colors that correspond.

5. Keep the Product and Packaging in Mind

Regardless of the package shape, it is important to ensure your label compliments your product.  Also, consider whether you would like to showcase the product. If the product or container is attractive, a transparent label could serve.

6. Create Distinctive and Memorable Product Labels

High-end brands can purchase specialty displays located in strategic positions in stores, but in most cases, products appear alongside competitive brands. A clean, appealing, and somewhat unique design will have a more significant impact. Consider:

  • Will the audience find it compelling?
  • Does it accurately and precisely convey the product and your brand?
  • Is the label distinctive?

7. Keep Labeling Consistent with Your Brand Identity

The most important thing for your business is to crystallize your brand identity by creating a unique branded look. Your labels should convey your brand identity and display the uniqueness of your product. Take time to pick the right messaging and emotion you want your label to express. Having a brand color palette and font helps consumers recognize your product and a consistent look makes it easier for them to find and repurchase your product.

From Simple Label Redesign to Complete Rebranding

EWISE Communications understands how design and marketing play an important role in the success of your brand and products. Labels are sometimes the first introduction to a new customer, so the design is crucial.

A recent client project began with a simple refresh of dated product labels that needed a cleaner, more modern look. However, we quickly realized that the 25-year old company needed a total rebranding for both the brand and its product categories.

Focusing on design and consistency, our team provided brand standards for the signature brand elements (e.g., logo, color palette, fonts, etc.). The result was a straight-forward, refreshed, uniform design across all product brands that showcases the brand’s identity in a way that truly resonates with their customers.

If it’s time to update your brand, our Alpharetta marketing team can help!  We specialize in redesign and rebranding initiatives that will speak to your customers, communicate your brand identity, and help you stand out in the marketplace.